The rich publisher may treat the poor poet better or worse than the old master workman treated the old apprentice. 2. Bob is an apprentice electrician and learns this skill working under the guidance of journeymen. Well, aside from (ahem) intimate knowledge of the Playboy Empire, Madison got her feet wet when she served as a photo editor apprentice in one episode of The Girls Next Door, assisting with the design of a 2007 Girls Next Door calendar. As an apprentice, Yoji was still learning the ropes of tattooing when the show began and spent much of his time helping out around the shop and drawing. 20 sample sentences for APPRENTICE. Your apprentice, I gratefully become.". The best way to become a fully-fledged tattoo artist is to become an apprentice. Examples of apprentice in a sentence, how to use it. The family moved to Glasgow and at the age of fourteen Gardner left school and became an apprentice jeweler. In addition to appearances on her father's reality TV show The Apprentice, Ivanka has worked as a model and pageant host. apprentice in a sentence - Use "apprentice" in a sentence 1. 2. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. As an apprentice, you're in a unique position to ask questions and get definitive answers. : 2. But when in 1794 his father, Robert Davy, died, leaving a widow and five children in embarrassed circumstances, he awoke to his responsibilities as the eldest son, and becoming apprentice to a surgeonapothecary at Penzance set to work on a systematic and remarkably wide course of self-instruction which he mapped out for himself in preparation for a career in medicine. TT: Being on Apprentice gives you a false sense of reality. Lefebvre is taking her exposure on The Apprentice and turning it into an opportunity with Playboy magazine. At one time The Apprentice TV show was the reality television program to watch. See more. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. bicentenary of the siege was marked by extensive celebrations which involved not only the Apprentice Boys but also the corporation. While her version of Celebrity Apprentice wasn't as successful as the Donald Trump-headed show, she has continued to write books such as The Martha Rules and Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. They derive from the chronic passion of apprentice mages and the good will of their peers. :) Answer Save. She started at BAE Systems as a craft apprentice and rapidly moved to become a skilled flight test engineer on Eurofighter Typhoon aircrafts. 2. After Kepcher was herself fired from the Trump Organization, it was announced that Ivanka Trump would take over on the sixth season of The Apprentice. en The development of craft guilds, associations of craftsmen who employed laborers and apprentices, of the 14th and 15th centuries paved the way for unions. Nigel started work as an apprentice compositor in the printing trade and retrained many times in a rapidly changing industry. : Rudin is a throwback to an earlier era when apprenticeship loomed larger than academia in professional training. - A Feast for Crows. Why not ask this wizened woman if she would like to take on an apprentice, like Alan Sugar? When he was sixteen, he became an apprentice goldsmith with his uncle, but did not complete his apprenticeship. How to use apprentice in a sentence. 0. Just to show that he can take it as good as he can give it, Piers Morgan stepped up to the plate in 2008 as a contestant on the first season of Donald Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice. Chirac played the sorcerer's apprentice by making the main axis of his campaign law and order, a longstanding theme of the FN. It mentions the jobseeker’s official title, “apprentice electrician,” and describes a few key proficiencies. LTK: What is the best part of being an apprentice? An apprentice must be at least 16 years of age to enroll in a training program. Many have stated that one of the most annoying participants in Celebrity Apprentice is "…amazing" when he's sober, though most of the rest of the world has its doubts. Dubbed the ultimate job interview, The Apprentice takes 18 contestants, divides them into two teams and runs them through a variety of tasks. In January 2004, Trump ventured into one of his biggest deals -- hosting The Apprentice, a reality television show on NBC where up to 18 men and women compete for a $250,000 internship in one of his many companies. How to use apprentice in a sentence. 3 Answers. In between these requirements, students have extensive reading to do, and will also spend time in an apprentice program with Cathy, observing her classes and assisting in teaching them. If you want an even more custom-made design, you can often go to a tattoo studio and ask if there is an apprentice who is willing to draw up a design for you, for free. 0. ‘Trainers use apprentice riders because they get a five-pound weight advantage.’ ‘Rose, 26, of State College, Pennsylvania, won the Eclipse Award outstanding apprentice jockey in 2001.’ ‘The station was loaded up with apprentice bingo callers and Algonquin grads who were grateful to have a job.’ He lived there with his 13 year old apprentice Andrew Morton, originally from Louth. This language has an old-fashioned ring, and was designed for a minor becoming an apprentice in a skilled trade. 3. Not only has he made a deal with MTV to produce a reality television show starring recently crowned beauty queens, NBC has decided to bring back The Apprentice for at least one more run. Apprenticeship definition, a program or position in which someone learns a trade by working under a certified expert: The course provides students with a good base for securing apprenticeships in the plumbing and gasfitting industries. The apprentice Meteor have recently become succeeded in restoring order with little bloodshed. I have served no apprenticeship to old plays. The apprentice genie also comes out of his lamp. , The woodcrafter’s apprentice cut himself on a router plane. Use the word apprentice in a sentence about colonial jobs Use the word apprentice in a sentence about colonial jobs. How to use apprentice in a sentence is shown in this page. Craig Reid, an apprentice engineer from Coventry, completes the trio going to the World Final. After attending the grammar school at Lancaster he spent six years as an apprentice to a druggist in that town. Young Ben Franklin learned the printing trade by as an apprentice to his ha I'm not even an apprentice in the snooping game, compared to you and Fred. Ordinary lathe worker 4, mill, pliers, grinder apprentice proper name, master mechanic proper name. apprentice in a sentence - Use "apprentice" in a sentence 1. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Apprentice" in Example Sentences Page 1. Show More Sentences He decided to devote himself completely to his apprenticeship , and he worked his way up to a position as a compositor and a corrector of the shop's printing press. Most notably, Stephen Baldwin will add yet another reality program to his resume, which already includes The Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge, The Mole and Fear Factor. The format is exactly the same as it was for the first Celebrity Apprentice, but with new stars and different tasks. 2. 2. Now that you know who won Celebrity Apprentice in season one, it's time to move on to the second season. use "apprentice" in a sentence Trump has officially been fired by from “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Piers Morgan won the first season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2008. Find more ways to say apprentice, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. There are 8 example sentences for apprentice, and this page shows no. 3. The apprentice must be called in to help. So it's only natural that he takes on Diz as an apprentice, right? One wonders if Hobb had the entire thing mapped out when she first sat down to write Assassin's Apprentice? Use the word apprentice in a sentence about colonial jobs. See more. Sources close to NBC and The Apprentice told Reuters that the show, which dropped considerably in ratings since it first aired 2004, will be renewed for the seventh season, with an option to renew for one additional. The synonyms of “Apprentice” are: learner, prentice, trainee, probationer, tyro, novice, mentee, neophyte, raw recruit, fledgling, novitiate. In 1851 he began his engineering career as apprentice in an establishment at Manchester, and subsequently he entered Newall's submarine cable works at Birkenhead. MABINOGION (plural of Welsh mabinogi, from mabinog, a bard's apprentice), the title given to the collection of eleven Welsh prose tales (from the Red Book of Hergest) published (1838) by Lady Charlotte Guest, but applied in the Red Book to four only. Though Annie Duke threatened to crush Rivers, it was Joan Rivers who was victorious and earned the title of The Celebrity Apprentice. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Apprentice. It bindeth reason an apprentice to gain, and instead of a director, maketh it a drudge. It served to strengthen the unfavourable impression formed in England of the Transvaal Boers with regard to their treatment of the natives; an impression which was deepened by tidings of terrible chastisement of tribes in the Zoutpansberg, and by the Apprentice Law passed by the volksraad in 1856 - a law denounced in many quarters as practically legalizing slavery. Apprenticeship; 1. 1. , The apprentice was very nervous his first day on the job. Poaching is a regular apprenticeship to bolder crimes. When by habit a man cometh to have a bargaining soul, its wings are cut, so that it can never soar. Apprenticed with : Perry Ellis, Jeffrey Banks and Calvin Klein. Apprenticeship definition: Someone who has an apprenticeship works for a fixed period of time for a person who has a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The Celebrity Apprentice is a reality show on NBC that is based on the successful Apprentice series. 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