It’s been going on for weeks now, and the traumatized great white survivors fleeing South Africa, Australia, and Lord-knows-where else, are only now starting to show up on our shores, looking for refuge. Killer whales also hunt, attack and eat sharks. — AFP pic JOHANNESBURG, Nov 19 — Killer whales are suspected to be behind the disappearance of great white sharks off … In general, only … The autopsy on the largest shark took six hours and blunted 20 knives, she said. KILLER whales are suspected to be behind the mysterious disappearance of great white sharks off Cape Town's coast, a report claims. I would say even probable. KILLER whales are "ripping open" great white sharks and eating their livers, hearts and TESTICLES. "This is the first confirmed account of an orca predation on a white shark from South Africa," ‎Marine Biologist Alison Kock from ‎South African National Parks told Gizmodo in an email. Killer whales have developed a terrifying skill: squeezing great white sharks “like tubes of toothpaste” to extract their livers. Stupid Great White Shark gets too close to a Killer Whale and her baby. Orcas are among the most savage killers in the ocean, wrecking tiger sharks,

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