Besides eliminating the muscle cramps and reducing fatigue. The dangers associated with litchi are mostly concerned with its high sugar content. In this article, we will try to put your mind at rest and collate all the information about eating litchis during pregnancy. Your email address will not be published. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of lychee during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Make a list of your favorite foods, and ask the doctor whether you will be able to include them in your pregnancy diet, and if yes, how much. Here are some of them: Now we know that eating litchi benefits in pregnancy. Every pregnant woman will recount her experiences of dealing with the difficulty with bowel movements and constipation, and the high amount of fiber and water in litchis will help you deal with these issues. lychee tea; hong mao tea; nilgiris tea; ... Folic acid is very important during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, and so some women choose to avoid green tea altogether during pregnancy. Even though it is sometimes hard to stop when you start eating them, do not go overboard with the litchis. The health benefits of litchis ensure that you should put some amounts of the fruit in your daily diet, but like everything else, you should exercise moderation. One of the renowned and tasty seasonal fruit is litchi. It also reduces constipation, helps to fight flu, common cold, fever, and headache. There are numerous ways in which one can consume litchi during pregnancy. Yes, eating litchi is also good for your skin during pregnancy. It also contains ample amounts of vitamin C, which will help in improving the blood circulation of the mother and aid in the development of the circulatory system of the baby. Provided the same is not consumed daily. That helps to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. Excessive consumption of litchi can spike your blood sugar level which may lead to miscarriage. So what is the way out? 0 comment. There are a lot of foods which are otherwise healthy. Litchi as it is not only juicy and tasty but also very beneficial in pregnancy and otherwise. Stay on the safe side and avoid use. Punarvasu Nakshatra Baby Names: 60 Short and Modern Names, 60 Traditional Arudra Nakshatra Baby Names for Boys and Girls, 60 Modern and Meaningful Mrigasira Nakshatra Baby Names, 70 Unique Baby Names Inspired by Lord Shiva for Boys & Girls, Abortion at Home: 13 Natural Ways to Try at 1-12 Weeks, Spotting During Pregnancy: Causes and Symptoms, Persimmon During Pregnancy: Effects, Benefits And More, Amazing Benefits of Eating Mustard During Pregnancy. As mentioned earlier in the passage, all pregnancies are different, which means that that there is no one size fits all rule applicable to anyone. Some expectant mothers questions. While the litchi offers some obvious health benefits, it cannot be denied that there are quite a few potentially dangerous side effects as well. Your email address will not be published. Source Of Vitamin E 10 Best Exercises To Reduce Breast Size Quickly At Home, 20 Stylish Designs of Short Kurtis For Women In India, 50 Different Types of Bob Haircuts for Women with Images, 20 Stunning Black Kurti Designs For Women In Trend, Latest Blouse Designs: 65 Trending Models In 2020 Watch Out Now, Water                                     81.76g, Calories                                 66Kcal, Protein                                   0.83g, Fibre                                       1.3g, Fat                                           0.44g, Sugars                                     15.23g, C Vitamin                               71.5mg, E Vitamin                               0.07mg, Folic Acid                                14mcg, Niacin                                      0.603mg, Riboflavin                               0.065mg, Thiamin                                   0.011mg, Potassium                                171mg, Sodium                                     1mg, Calcium                                    5mg, Iron                                           0.31mg, Magnesium                              10mg, Zinc                                           0.07mg, Phosphorous                           31mg. The folic acid present in lychees reduces birth defects and thereby aids healthy pregnancy. Let’s find out more about this fruit and its consumption related tips and tricks. There are many benefits of consuming rambutan during pregnancy.A few of these may be listed as follows: Rich source of iron. While the mother will only feel some discomfort, it can lead to hemorrhages and premature births, leading to miscarriages. Eating right during pregnancy is very important for the safety of both mother and child. Which in turn is necessary for blood circulation. There are many side effects associated with consuming lychee as it can lead many conplications during pregnancy. Safe teas. lychee fruit is good or bad during pregnancy? From avoiding any harm to their baby. Specializes in Family Medicine. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The antioxidants in litchi help to fight the free radicals, thereby providing a smooth and youthful feel to the skin. It is safe to eat litchi in moderation. Lychee is a delicious, wonderful fruit that is mostly available during the summer. Ans: Eating litchi during pregnancy is safe provided it is consumed in extreme moderation. The actual answer to the question is litchi good for pregnancy, is yes. 0. First, lychee is known to carry a lot of bacetria and therefore consuming this fruit carries the risk of contracting infections. Breakfast is a good time of the day to have some yogurt. Find the Information’s on Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Food, Health, Travel, Parenting, Astrology and more. Prevents Flatulent. Fortier I, Marcoux S, Beaulac-Baillargeon L. Relation of caffeine intake during pregnancy to intrauterine growth retardation and preterm birth. Lychees are “Hot” They may be sweet and so delicious in taste, but as per Chinese culture, they are … Ideally, you should not be restricted from eating some litchis, but the ultimate decision will depend on your constitution. Litchi which is a tropical fruit is a part of the Sapindaceae fruit family and belongs to the evergreen variety. Source(s): Armed with a tantalizing aroma and flavor, this lovely fruit is grown all over the world. One of the most important components in litchis is the folic acid, which is absolutely essential to ensure healthy development of the fetus. Am J Epidemiol 1993;137:931-40. Here are some benefits of litchi juice during pregnancy Regulates Collagen Building * Litchi is great source of vitamin C which is very necessary for building collagen for the healthy skin in the growing baby. View abstract. Iron is an essential constituent to maintain optimum blood haemoglobin levels. But is it safe to indulge in litchi during pregnancy? Pregnant women should avoid lychee. Irregular bowel movement and constipation is a widespread problem in most of the pregnancy cases. But there are many fruits and vegetable to be avoided during pregnancy. Negative Impacts Of Eating Too Many Litchis During Pregnancy; What Is Litchi? While the evidence against caffeine during pregnancy isn’t conclusive, doctors recommend limiting your intake to less than 200 milligrams each day, just in case. Litchi is a very juicy and tasty fruit and hence can be consumed directly just by removing the outside cover. Ans: Litchi is nutritionally rich for consumption during pregnancy. Anonymous. Rambutan even helps to stay healthy during pregnancy. How Much Cinnamon (Dalchini) is Safe During Pregnancy? The following herbal teas are considered safe to drink during pregnancy: Make sure you have enough of this during the day. Litchi, also known as ‘lychee’ or ‘lichee’ is a tropical fruit that has a sweet smell and taste.It tastes delicious but apparently it is not safe for consumption during pregnancy as it is known to raise blood sugar levels and lead to gestational diabetes. Stay on the safe side and avoid use. We get it life is busy, and today’s mamas are active. So what is the way out? Litchis have been rumoured to be unsuitable during pregnancy. So, next time when you catch a common cold, try eating litchis to fight disease instead of taking other medications. Litchi is an evergreen plant, and the fruit has white fleshy pulp inside, sweet scent and taste. Litchis may also contribute to infections and result in haemorrhage. The benefits of trading your glass of red wine for a delicious non-alcoholic lime and lychee … While consuming litchi during pregnancy and it should undoubtedly be an occasional treat only.

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