Their height and attractive flowers make them good candidates for border gardens or pollinator gardens. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park'. A slowly spreading, floriferous selection from Mineral County, WV, via The Primrose Path of Scottdale, PA. Facebook Share. Details. 'Short & Sweet' Fire Pink. Common Name: Scientific Name: Sedum ternatum, Whorled Stonecrop. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' Woodland Stonecrop. Cultivation. Model: SEDLAP; Plant Dictionary. Partial Sun/Shade. Growth Rate Medium. Sun/ pt.shade/ shade. Product 19/19. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' Characteristics. Height: 4-6 in. Deer Resistant. In spring and early summer it is covered with small white flowers. Sedum ternatum Whorled Stonecrop It blooms early Spring through May, and makes a lovely groundcover. It is a real treat to find a native Sedum that is shade tolerant. Planting. Ideally, this should have been indicated at the start. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' Larinem Park stonecrop Woodland stonecrop is a surprising succulent that typically grows on mossy rocks, indicating its atypical preference for moist shade. Sedum ternatum Michx. Likes moist soil, but very tolerant of summertime drought. Details. This variety forms a low carpet of small, rounded green leaves, spreading to form a thick patch. Wild Stonecrop. Many provide winter interest. It has small, fleshy, rounded, succulent-like, bright-green leaves which appear in whorls of three. While the species prefers well-drained soil, the cultivar 'Larinem Park' is … Availability Order Forms/Policies/Pricing, 2020 Wholesale Perennials and Groundcovers Catalog. Acaena Acanthus Achillea Aconitum Acorus Adenophera Aegopodium Agastache Ajuga Alcea Alchemilla Allium Amsonia Anemone Angelica Antennaria Anthemis Aquilegia Arabis Arenaria Arisaema Rabbit Resistant. Set with sprays of white, star-shaped flowers from mid-May to late June. It is a real treat to find a native Sedum that is shade tolerant. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' stonecrop or shale barrens. Lovely verdant ground cover for sun to moderate shade...loose rosettes of medium green leaves on reddish stems burst with frothy white flowers in late spring. • Sedum ternatum ‘Larinem Park’ • Sedum ussuriense ‘Turkish Delight’ • Sedum ‘Vera Jameson’ Eco-Roofs Trays with Standard Sedum Mix Phone (269) 471-7408 • Sedum acre • Sedum acre ‘Aureum’ • Sedum album • Sedum album ‘Coral Carpet’ • Sedum album ‘Green Ice’ • Sedum … Details. Sempervivum 'Chick's Mix' Hen and Chicks. Sedum ternatum Larneim Park Larneim Stonecrop. It has attractive rounded leaves that form a handsome, deer-resistant ground cover under trees or shrubs. White flowers appear between May and June. Drought Tolerant. Upright sedum tends to form tall, upright clumps that produce a tight mass of tiny flowers. This tough, little sedum creates a low, dense carpet of small, rounded green leaves. This was found near a stream at a fairly wet, shady site. Soil Moisture Moist to Average Well-drained Average to Dry Soils. In spring it is covered in white star-shaped flowers. 'Larinem Park' Stonecrop. Sedum ternatum ‘Larinem Park’. A family owned wholesale perennial nursery, proudly growing since 1987. Sedum ternatum. A low-growing, succulent native groundcover for shade, it carpets the woodland floor with whimsical round leaves arranged in threes. Zone 3. Semi evergreen easy drought tolerant but takes irrigation most soils with decent drainage. A low-growing, succulent native groundcover for shade, it carpets the woodland floor with whimsical round leaves arranged in threes. Attracts Butterflies. Most are succulent. Leaves in whorls of three. But plants arrived well packaged and in excellent condition and are getting established. When Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' has been observed flowering at Longwood Gardens. May, June. The small, roundish, 12- to 1 inches-long leaves grow in whorls of three; they are pale green when new, aging to dark green. Sedum ternatum. Summary; Additional Details » Low-growing groundcover » Great for shade » Tolerates moist soil; Height 4 - 6 in Spread 12 - 18 in Zone 3 - 9 Color White Categories Perennial Tags Border or Bed; Great Foliage; Ground Cover; Full Shade; Partial Sun; Moist, Well-Drained + … When to Plant Sedum. Silene car. Ground cover. Positive. AVE. Full Sun. Low Maintenance. Home > Products > Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' Our native Sedum is shade tolerant. They are tough and vigorous but not invasive, and outlast most herbaceous plants each fall. Interpreting Wetland Status. This Sedum flowers in the spring and has starry flowers that are larger than the species. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park', also known as whorled stonecrop, is a low growing native woodland groundcover with whorled, medium green, rounded leaves that creep to form a solid mass of foliage. Sedum ternatum, commonly called three-leaved stonecrop (also commonly called whorled stonecrop), is a small, spreading, Missouri native perennial which typically occurs in damp locations along stream banks, bluff bases and stony ledges (as in stonecrop). Sedum ternatum forms an attractive low-growing ground cover of whorled, green, succulent leaves. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' Scientific Name: SedumL. Color: White Shades Height: 4-6 Inches Spread: 10-12 Inches ... 'Larneim Park' will be a very dependable groundcover that will still bloom well despite a lack of sun. They are tough, drought tolerant, easy-to-grow perennials that feature star-shaped flowers in clusters blooming on fleshy-leaved plants ranging from mat-forming ground covers to clump-forming upright … Native to the Appalachians and woodlands west to the Mississippi River. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' stonecrop. Sedum ter. Posted by Allan Winkler on Aug 8th 2018 When ordered it wasn't clear when they would arrive, but after an email this was cleared up. Sedum ternatum. Sedum 'Larinem Park' by valleylynn: Sep 22, 2013 5:03 PM: 4: Sedum and related succulents Chat 2015 by valleylynn: Dec 31, 2015 11:27 AM: 372: Do these ID's look correct? USDA Zone: 2-9. On Aug 10, 2008, av_ocd_girl from Ellerbe, NC (Zone 8a) wrote: Larinem Park is more tolerant of shade and moisture than other Sedum species. The autumn foliage is copper pink. Sedum ter. Best in full sun. colonizing, creeping, deer resistant, drought tolerant, mat-forming, rock garden plant, shade garden plant. Sedum is usually bought in plugs or pots and transplanted into the garden. Even though I have never had much luck with any sedum, I thought I'd try this one. Noteworthy Characteristics. It is native to stony ledges and woods from New Jersey to Iowa and south to Arkansas and Georgia, preferring to grow in shady, woodland … Related Plants 'Larinem Park' 'Shale Barrens' 'White Waters' Nursery Availability The leaf is larger than 'Larinem Park' and the habit is more open. Larinem Park will tolerate a bit more shade than most sedums and can stand up to light foot traffic. Easily grown in medium… Grows 3-6" high and spreads by creeping stems which root at the nodes. Sedums are fleshy-leaved, succulent perennials are not just for rock gardens. Heat Tolerant. Plant number: 1.485.400. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park', Woodland Stonecrop Click on the plant listing below to view the nursery information. One of our Wicked Ruggeds, a list with our choices for perennials that stand the test of time... rugged, hardy and durable. Less than a foot tall, it creeps rapidly to form a splendid groundcover in partial shade. Evergreen. Abelia x 'Canyon Creek' "sedum ternatum" Container Sizes. Description. This hardy, creeping Sedum is much more shade tolerant than other forms. Moist woodland sites. The creeping selections of Stonecrop are excellent groundcover plants, particularly for hot, dry sites with poor soil. Sempervivum 'Hardy Mixed' Hen and Chicks. This Sedum flowers in the spring and has starry flowers that are larger than the species. Fine textured white flowers with purple stamens. (Crassulaceae) ternatumMichx. Sedum ternatum. Wetland Status. ternatum LARINEM PARK Wholesale - Please Login For Pricing . They are drought tolerant and have clustered, starry flowers that can be quite showy. Details. by stilldew: Aug 2, 2013 9:10 AM: 20: Sedum Chat and Photos for 2013 by valleylynn: Jan 22, 2014 8:42 PM: 594 Woodland Stonecrop. Sedum ternatum Wild Stonecrop forms a thick mat of succulent light-green leaves, covered with star-like white flowers in late spring and early summer. 'Larinem Park'. Sedum ternatum is native to the eastern and east-central U.S. When in bloom, the abundant, attractive, fragrant, white star-shaped flowers seem to be sprinkled upon the colony. It takes dry shade and will do well in sun if not too dry. Home :: Sedum :: ternatum LARINEM PARK Sedum. Very easy to propagate from cuttings taken any time of the year; just pinch tips from the plant and stick them in potting mix. This plant has no children Legal Status. Full Shade. Positive: On Jun 9, 2011, francesseth from Evanston, IL (Zone 5a) wrote: I bought this plant at a garden fair last year. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' Sedum. Thanks to our friend Dale Skaggs in Tennessee who found Sedum ternatum 'Buck Snort' and ID'd it for us. Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' stonecrop, yellow Sedum reflexum strawberry begonia Saxifraga stolonifera strawberry, alpine Fragaria vesca 'Rugen Improved' strawberry, barren Waldsteinia fragarioides strawberry, white-fruited woodland Fragaria vesca albicarpa strawberry, wild Fragaria virginiana Species. A slowly spreading, floriferous selection from Mineral County, WV, via The Primrose Path of Scottdale, PA. 3"h x 24"w; Exposure: Shade to Part Shade; Hardiness Zones:4-8; Soil Type: Average to Poor; Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0. sedum ternatum Native to moist, open woodlands in eastern U.S. Spreads by creeping stems to form large, low (3- to 6 inches-tall) mats of pretty foliage. In spring it is covered in white star-shaped flowers. By late spring/early summer, this plant is an explosion of starry white flower clusters. Plants listed are available subject to seasonality and grower's supply. Seseli gummiferum. Hylotelephium is a genus of about 400 species found mainly in the mountainous areas of North America but some also in dry area of South America. Larger than species. Flats (2) Liners (7) 4.5" / Quart (6) 5" (2) 1G / 6" (2) Locate Plants. Produced by, Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' LP32 - 32 per flat, Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park' - 72 per flat. Details. Moon Carrot. It is a fast grower and does well in lean, dry soils once established. Scientific Name: Sedum L. (Crassulaceae) ternatum Michx. It takes dry shade and will do well in sun if not too dry. Sedum and other ground covers can be tough to eradicate if they start to take over a garden. Canyon Creek Glossy Abelia. – woodland stonecrop Subordinate Taxa. Rock garden. Evergreen. Sedum ternatum ‘Larinem Park’. Sedum ternatum Larinem Park 0zz.jpg 1,000 × 750; 541 KB Sedum ternatum Larinem Park 1zz.jpg 1,728 × 1,152; 909 KB Sedum ternatum NY-dist-map.png 500 × 375; 11 KB

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