Thank you Yamaha. If you plan on strumming your guitar with a pick like Bruce Springsteen or John Lennon, then it will not sound particularly useful. Though they look similar to acoustic guitars, classical guitars have many minor differences which alter the sound of the instrument. Have you thought about taking some online classes for the classical? I love it , it plays great. You’re probably going to want to change those within the first month or two so check out my guide to changing classical guitar strings for more help on that. It features a Fishman Sonicare pickup for plugging into an amp or PA system. Thankfully that comes with that pack! Hope that helps! However..with repeated efforts for learning beginners lessons ..I found that the fret and neck of Yamaha C40 are way too wide to fit in my hand to make a successful and complete and comfortably play chord ( to say the least )…which has dampened my spirit to learn guitar in whole. I gave up playing because the steel strings cut my fingers, even with callouses. I’ve never seen any defects or problems with a C40 that affect playability. I checked on tthe internet fоr m᧐re info about the issue and fоund m᧐st individuals wilⅼ gօ along But, the guitar sounds better than anything something with a plywood interior has a right to at its price. That might fit your schedule better. Hello Josh, ur review is very informative. We take a close look at how the guitar works, what makes it unique, how much it costs, public perception of the product and a comparison to other popular brands. I am no expert in guitar but your review helped me understand about c40. The neck is wide like most all classical guitars and is made of Nato with a rosewood fretboard. A Yamaha C40 is a traditional classical guitar. The binding on the guitar is just black paint. The nylon will mute a lot of the tonality in your notes when you strum chords. More than that, they have diversified their products to include motorsport equipment and electronic products. The neck is smooth and the body is an appropriate size. I personally feel that every beginner must start with classical guitar.. once basic strength is achieved- it will be easier to go to acoustic if you wish to.. And- never start with electric guitar. Fretboards on classical guitars are also much more extensive so they are not suitable for many individuals with smaller hands. by Cynthia Swearingen | Aug 16, 2019 | Guitar Brands | 0 comments. it’s a really high quality guitar, a) It’s always on tune b) “sprunce wood” really awesome c) “Meranti wood” WOOOOOw amassing c) C40m has a high quality look d) I have never been under a truss rod adjustment. The tones are warm and responsive. which one i should buy ? The string spacing in the Fender I’m using is great for picking! I’m on my way to purchase my very first guitar to start learning. Is cs40 3/4 suitable for him?please help me ,thanks, Whats the difference between c40 and cs40. The shape also differs from more popular steel string acoustic guitars —classicals are broader at the body which requires that you hold them differently. They laminate the wood instead of using solid body wood. Thanks in advance. The has fairly rich tones, but deep and clear for a classical. Solid Canadian cedar top with mahogany back and sides. So what does that mean? My girl friend gifted me c40 recently. If you are worrying that buying a cheap guitar for your child will discourage them from playing it, then the Taylor Academy Series 12e-N Grand Concert Nylon is an excellent choice for you. And if it is hard can u please tell me why ? While many will likely not be in favor with the Yamaha C40’s second appearance, its sound and performance continue to impress people to this day. DO you think I will be able to grasp the basics ever because it is quite tough to play it and I have been trying around 2 hours a day? However make no mistake, the guitar is an investment. Your email address will not be published. Go to a guitar shop and try to play both of them if you can, then choose what you think feels best in your hands . Taylor Academy Series Academy 12e-N Grand Concert Nylon Acoustic... Taylor Academy Series 12e-N Grand Concert Nylon. If you’re still highly discouraged then go ahead and switch over to a smaller acoustic guitar whose neck isn’t as thick. Once again, the guitar sounds far better than it has any right to, considering the low price. Learn how your comment data is processed. Before reading any further into the review, you should be familiar with the basics of how a classical guitar operates. So please don’t blame the brand, classical guitars, or yourself. For a beginner its great, and the build quality is fine, but lacks sharpness and depth of sound. If you are curious as to whether or not the Yamaha C40 is worth all the hype, then check out our review. If you are a curious experienced guitar player that wants to try their hand at a classical version of the instrument, then buy the Yamaha C40. So what kind of reputation does Yamaha have? Thanks for the comment and I’m sorry to hear you had a negative experience with the C40. It’s worth noting, however, that the factory strings aren’t that great. Or is there a left-handed classical guitar at a similar price that you would recommend? Experienced musicians aside, if you are someone who is entirely new to playing guitar, then you should buy the Yamaha C40. Mike Kennedy runs a site called National Guitar Academy, and he has terrific ways to play chords easier for beginners. I find your advice very helpful. But this setback is to be expected from its low price range. Well, I just bought a C40, as I am a beginner and I am trying to gather knowledge all by myself as I have go to office and can not afford more time outside for classes. When I played in a school orchester back in the day the instruments would be transported in volunteer situations thrown in cars. The strings will need replacing and the sound is a bit muted. Im looking forward to buy accoustic guitar. A broken screw can lead to buzzing sound in some models, and it may need to be taken care of separately. Many thanks in advance. I’m looking at Yamaha C40 or Cordoba C5. You would not like an expensive instrument in schools for this reason. The fact that it is cheap and durable is undoubtedly another factor that it can do well in the outdoors. Hey great review it helped a lot to decide weather or not buy this guitar, there is one used on that I would like to purchase ( what do you think of it? These are a great value for players at any level. However, experienced musicians warn that the tone of the instrument is not as rich as some of the higher end models. Instead, I’m looking at this from the point of view of a person who has never owned a guitar before and wants to learn. I have had many accoustic guitars since my first one, around late 1960’s…. Is the neck made of one piece or scarf joint? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I highly recommend the Yamaha C40 as a first-time, beginner guitar for somebody who is just learning. Hi,I’m going to buy a guitar for my son,who is 8 years old.He is interested in learning guitar. Any help will be appreciated. If you’re purchasing this guitar for a younger player, you might consider the Yamaha CS40ii. The wood is laminate, meaning that the projection of the guitar won’t be quite as good as a solid wood guitar, but that’s one of the sacrifices you have to make with a beginner guitar. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There is no denying that this guitar sounds better than the Yamaha. Most acoustic guitars use steel-based lines, which give them a louder brighter sound than traditional guitar strings. If you are an experienced player looking an upgrade to their classical guitar, then this model is not meant for you. Hi Josh, My son started showing interest in learning Guitar. If you're a player in a budget, who wants to quickly turn this guitar into the equivalent of something more expensive, replacing the nut, saddle, and tuners is a smart way to go. But this dont have a trusrod which some classical guitar do. The first way that classical guitars differ from acoustic guitars is the strings they use. But, it is also important to keep in mind that this instrument is a beginners guitar. Nothing rings out too sharply and the notes off smooth and pretty when plucked. Included with the classical instrument is a digital tuner, carrying case, and CD for new players to listen along and play. Would you recommend this? If you anticipate that you will play small gigs with your classical guitar, then the Ibanez model is a good fit. C40 guitar is perfect for school orchesters and abused transport situations. In addition to being an affordable entry-level guitar for those interested in learning, the Yamaha C40 guitar comes with a package of useful accessories. You will most likely want to change from the factory strings. As such, they are perfect for fingerpicking songs favorite in folk and indie pop music. Required fields are marked *. As we mentioned before, the Yamaha C40 is one of the more reasonably priced models for a classical guitar of its quality. I have a teenage daughter who is left handed and has a good span, who wants a first classical guitar. Keep in mind that many of these models in this part cost a great deal more than the Yamaha model. Their budget is very tight and they’re not quite ready to invest big dollars into a hobby they’re not sure they’re going to like. While you may find this difficult to start with as a beginner, it’s actually an excellent way to train your hands and fingers to be more open when forming guitars (at least in my opinion). The notes come through crisp and clean for a classical — though not as lovely as steel-string acoustic models. I am happy that ye had a great experience with C40. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. I hope the sound will get better, it’s a comfortable guitar and very light but the sound is exaggerated I feel, I wish there were guitar stores in me area so I could play it before buying this instrument. You may outgrow it in a year or two if you keep up the practice, but the guitar’s affordable price means you can upgrade easily, or decide it is not for you without suffering a financial loss. Unfortunately, some models might be defective. If I was still gigging, personally I would find it lacking, but I can get some good sounds out of it …. I’m just wondering if it’s really worth it to invest in the C5 as my very first guitar since I care seriously about the sound? What is the Yamaha C40 and How Does It Work? Many inexpensive models come with an action that is too high and needs to be taken to a shop to be adjusted. It is good value but any experienced guitarist like me, can tell it will never be sounding like my Yamaha CJ838S – worth some GBP1000-1200 as a desired vintage. Ultimately, the decision to purchase a Yamaha C40 is up to you. Thanks for coming by to leave a comment Enjoy the C40 and let me know what you think after you’ve had some time to play it a bit. Hi, the yamaha c40 it’s a great guitar for beginners and hobbysts, dont upgrade this guitar after at least 2 years the formal classes (if you take seriously), then buy an all solid guitar ($1000~$1500) or any made in spain guitar with solid top, otherwise stick with c40, I have a C40 for over 10 years in perfect condition…great construction, for the price great finishing, good action string, very confortable neck (all standard classical guitars has 51mm~52mm neck width). A symmetrical guitar like the C40 or CS40 can be strung as a left-handed guitar without problems, but ANY classical guitar made for nylon strings will rip itself apart if steel strings are used. I can only play left handed,so can i get it restrung for a left handed player and use only steel strings? I understand that the C40 is symmetrical and can be strung for a left handed player. The Cordoba specifically engineer their guitar for playing Spanish music. Finally, the Yamaha C40 has a gloss finish that is traditional with many classical guitars. We take a close look at how the guitar works, what makes it unique, how much it costs, public perception of the product and a comparison to other … But, remember, as a beginner guitar don’t typically have a super-high quality of sound. I’m a bit late to the party. No one denies that the instrument is cheap, mass-produced and unsuitable for professional musicians. There are a lot of differences between the acoustic and classical guitar that you should consider before buying. What’s ur best suggestion ? Yamaha c40 is my first classical guitar. Cheers. They made the back section and sides out of a dark, rich Indonesian mahogany. I have an ADM classical, and it’s the same way. My suggestion is to stick with it for at least another week. At $399.99, the Cordoba model costs a little more than the Ibanez. I am an adult female beginner with small hands who hasn’t played for years. Prices for used models of this classical guitar vary depending on the condition and the seller. I’m using a Fender 125 Dreadnought. With a price of $699.99, the Academy 12e-N Grand Concert Nylon definitely in the high range of beginner guitars. But how does the instrument hold up under intense scrutiny? Your email address will not be published. Consider the sound and the feel; there is no denying that the classical acoustic guitar by Yamaha is a value pack. From the construction, the bracing, everything about the Cordoba C5-CET Thinline’s design gears itself toward the to the rapid movement of Latin music. It is the same guitar but with a shorter scale length and thinner body. It looks nice and has a bit of a “shine” that most people like. By including these models, we hope to expose shoppers to some more higher-end models, in case they are not looking for a cheap beginner instrument. I had the same issue while learning acoustic guitar and now i have actually taken up classical guitar to train my left hand and fingers better – not to mention to develop great finger picking technique with right hand. This feature is ideal for new guitar players because it does not require much pressure to push down. These strings, which they make out of nylon on the three high strings G B and E, produce a much softer, more mellow sound than standard guitars. What Do Other Musicians Think of the Yamaha C40? can you please give your suggestions on c70 and cg101c. The model has its pros and cons that depend a lot on individual circumstance. I remember a broken tuner and dents. This tuneage is thanks to the solid headstock with its open-geared chrome tuning cylinders and Pearloid keys. Most good deals will offer them around $50-$80 for a used model in acceptable condition. Thank you. It offers smooth sound from the strings. But how does the instrument hold up under intense scrutiny? Please advice. A built-in turner also helps reduce time spent tuning in between songs. Hey !!! Required fields are marked *. Yamaha products typically sound and function much better than their price warrants. Luckily, we organized some of the critical ways that the classical acoustic guitar differs from its steel-string cousin. Very much enjoyed your resume of the Yamaha C40 classical guitar – in my view a pretty balanced perspective. I am learning acoustic guitar since the last two years and I love me acoustic, finally I decided to get meself a classical guitar for learning folk pieces, I was told by everyone to get C40 as it’s sometimes even better sounding instrument than some solid body classical guitars, after I bought C40 and played it for a week, I didn’t enjoy it at all, it sounded nought like I have heard afore and I was playing the pieces I learnt on me acoustic, it just sounded bland and very low. The fact is that most every classical guitar like the C40 is going to have a much larger neck than what you might find on most acoustic guitars. Honestly, the music from the Yamaha C40 compares to other classical guitars in the $600 price range. Some 18 months on, I still find keeping it in tune a problem, and you definitely need quality strings…. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For more beginner guitarists, the sound from a Yamaha C40 will be sufficient to practice and lay a good foundation for future playing. For those who have a critical ear or who have been playing guitar for a while, you might notice that it has a more muted sound and doesn’t project like you might have hoped.

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