If we want the goals we also want the means

(Immanuel Kant)

About our office

Having 40 years of experience in hydraulic engineering, our office can provide and develop innovative and interdisciplinary solutions in this field. The team of engineers can rely on tried and tested experiences and what’s more, thanks to our innovative abilities, they can develop tailor-made solutions.
Here, it is essential for all our employees to scrutinise entrenched habits to not bar progress. Besides our core competence of hydraulic engineering, we’re also very experienced with other building materials. Not only does our past experience include planning components, our office also attaches importance to a comprehensive support for our clients and structures. This includes in-depth examinations, structural surveys, planning concepts as well as construction supervision on site and external monitoring of building projects.
Thanks to professor Kuhlmann as a public appointed and sworn in expert for civil engineering, bituminous construction and hydraulic engineering works, our office is also extensively and multifacetedly experienced in legal issues. In this case our office does not only act as a surveyor (private or judicial), we also supervise and lead mediation processes.

Our office has been involved in 97% of all the pumped-storage hydroelectricity in Germany.