Further projects

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Year Client Project name
2007 – 2008 Talsperrenbetrieb Sachsen-Anhalt Bremer pond:

In-depth examination and
planning of the repair

2009 Wasserverband Eifel-Rur (WVER) Wehebach barrage:

In-depth examination of the
outer asphalt seal

2010 – 2012 Aggerkette GmbH In-depth examinations:

  • Power plant
  • Power plant
    Ehreshoven 1
  • Kraftwerk Ehreshoven 2
  • Power plant
    Ehreshoven 2
  • Power plant Haus
  • Power plant Ohl
2012 Wasserverband Siegerland Obernau barrage:

Structural analysis of the
outer asphalt seal as well as professional examination of the repair

2015 Schluchseewerk AG Aubecken basin:

In-depth examination

2015 – 2016 RWE Power AG
Pumped storage plant Koepchen Herdecke:

Professional examination for
the extension of the storage space of the upper basin

2016 Mark E Pumped storage plant Rönkhausen:

Professional tester for
lifetime extension

2016 International Finance Corporation (Worldbank Group) Consulting engineer in the course of the planning process of the Nenskra Hydro Power Project, Georgia
2016 2017 Schluchseewerk AG Au basin:

Repair of the asphalt
concrete (planning and construction supervision) as well as advisory tasks for the connection ranges (MIP and asphalt face)

Schluchseewerk AG Basin Eggberg:

Assessment of the asphalt lining in the framework of regular monitoring

District government Arnsberg | Mark-E Aktiengesellschaft HPP Rönkhausen:

Specialized auditor for the asphalt lining works in the framework of the rehabilitation

Schluchseewerk AG Wehra dam:

Assessment and durability analysis of the asphalt lining

Schluchseewerk AG Basin Eggberg:

Consultancy for the asphalt works regarding the tender process and the renewal of the mastic sealing as well as assessment of the bottom sealing

Wasserverband Haune Haune dam:

Assessment of the asphalt lining

District government Arnsberg | RWE Power AG HPP Herdecke:

Spezialized auditor during the downtime of the plant and for the rehabilitation works of the bottom concrete sealing and parts of the inclined area

Wasserverband Haune Haune dam:

In-depth investitation acc. to DIN 19 700 for the parts of stability calculations, the joint construction (asphalt / concrete) as well as the control- / drainage system